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Retail, Consumer Products & E-tailing

The world of consumerism is a highly competitive field wherein retailers constantly strive to create an impressive image in the minds of the consumers. In response to rising consumer needs, retailers and consumer products manufacturers constantly need to develop innovative strategies to attract more business. The focus is on upgrading business models constantly so as to adapt to the uncertain market environment.

Technopak is one of the leading consulting firms in the field of Retail, Consumer Products & E-tailing, providing a comprehensive set of services that respond to the diverse needs of this sector. Indian Consumer TrendsTM and Retail OutlookTM are some of the initiatives that have enabled us to reach this position.

Technopak's expert team of consultants assists you in formulating market-driven and consumer-friendly strategies to boost your business prospects. We follow an unparalleled approach that involves studying consumer insights and focuses on concrete business outcomes that lead to total customer satisfaction. Our retail and consumer product expertise presents you with a competitive edge by supplying corporate strategies and execution capabilities.

We conduct extensive research so as to deliver services that best suit your business needs.

  • Strategic Planning

    Our unparalleled industry expertise enables us to help you boost your business performance. We provide assistance across such different strategic options as entry into the Indian retail market, expansion and diversification, revamping of existing retail model and proposition, and other business objectives.

Our retail solutions cover a wide range of strategic features which include:
  1. Market Opportunity Assessment: We assess market opportunities available to you, using a disciplined approach covering the overall financial, social, and technological trends. Our competent market size forecasters render a clear understanding of the current forces that influence the industry.

  2. Business Assessment: For improving your business capability and building the bottom line, business assessment is a vital task. We analyze all aspects of your business and accordingly advise you on issues faced and opportunities available.

  3. Research and Analysis: Our global research and analysis approach focuses on minimizing growth constraints through insightful, fact-based research and analysis solutions.

  4. Retail Model and Proposition: We develop a suitable value proposition that serves your target customers and enables the effective delivery of your products.

  5. Operating Model: We enable you to deliver value through the creation of an operating model which covers the process, organization, and technology domains.

  6. Roll-out Strategy: We help you develop appropriate strategies for roll-outs by helping you understand customer behavior and identify favorable and unfavorable aspects.

  7. Business Plan and Detailed Financials: Our consultants, after gaining an in-depth understanding of your business vision, help you formulate complete business plans and detailed financials.

  8. Partnerships, including Joint Ventures and Strategic Tie-Ups: We believe partnerships aid in enhancing business performance and our reliable insights will help you in finding strategic partners for your projects.

  9. Assistance in Mergers & Acquisitions: For positive collaborations, we assist you with mergers & acquisitions through competent evaluation and selection.

  • Implementation Assistance

Our aim is to provide you end-to-end solutions; from the conceptualization of your ideas to the execution of your projects, we work in tandem with your team and support you in all the key elements of implementation. As the project progresses, we ensure that the policies and processes documented during conceptualization are being implemented without any glitches.

We provide implementation capabilities that encompass such retail functions as:

  • • Advisory role
  • • Preparation of the project plan and definition of responsibilities
  • • Project management
  • • Organization creation
  • • Process development and training
  • • Management of third party agencies
  • • Human resource management and training
  • • Monitoring the pilot stores and fine-tuning the proposition and processes

The benefits our services render:

  • • Integrated approach with an understanding of linkages between various modules
  • • Learning from various implementation projects leading to quicker and more effective implementation
  • • Responsibility for project coordination
  • • Subject matter experts for various modules
  • • International subject matter experts
  • • Outside-in view

We provide services to organizations in the retail sector as well as to ventures that are entering the retail industry. Our team studies the competition in the industry and assists you with strategies that enable you to achieve your goal while identifying the competitive advantages available for you.

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